LaBran Consulting - Social Media IconsWord-of-mouth advertising is now becoming the most effective form of advertising available today. Simply relying on your website or one single marketing channel to get your message out is no longer  a very effective strategy any more.  Think of your marketing as a bunch of balloons trying to lift your business off of the ground. One balloon can’t do it alone.  You need several balloons all lifting together.  That’s where social media can help. You want your customers to be talking about you and you want to be part of the conversations. To do that, you need to go to where your customers are – places like Facebook and Twitter.

More than 80% of Internet users are involved in some form of social media. Social Media engages your customers in ways never before possible. In today’s environment, the most successful businesses are the ones who utilize social media to communicate with their customers, vendors, and even the media to grow their revenues. Social Media and internet channels allow your message to be spread from one person to another quickly and easily.

We can help you develop social media and internet marketing strategies that are right for your business, and show you how to use them to interact with your clients and customers. We’ll work out all aspects of a customized Internet Marketing Strategy, incorporating the tools that make sense for you, such as Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, paid media ads, and social media utilizing channels such as  YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and of course basics like Facebook and Twitter.

Depending on your needs, we can simply point you in the right direction, or we can stay by your side every step of the way.  Let’s be clear, marketing has changed. Traditional methods are only one part of the new media mix. If your audience is there, you need to be where your audience is.  It’s no longer an option. Your competitors are in this space. It’s not about just keeping up with the neighbors, it’s about staying ahead of them. Let’s use all the available tools to effectively spread your word. Let’s get everyone talking about you. Let’s talk with your customers, not just at them.